Polycarbonate roofing – All you need To Know

With a huge collection of polycarbonate roofing to pick between, it can be understandably daunting for prospective buyers to know whether or not the Polycarbonate Roof sheet is suitable for their requirements. If you are wondering which types to consider and how polycarbonate roofing compares with Aluminum composite and glass roofing, look no further.

Here we’ll look at the complete basics of Polycarbonate and dig deeper into their several properties and the benefits of using them in your next project.

What is polycarbonate roofing?

It’s a type of plastic used for numerous wide-reaching purposes, but especially in construction for its ease of molding, creation, and amazing strength. In terms of use as roofing panels, Polycarbonate has some drawbacks compared with other materials such as aluminum composite (Aluminum composite awning) or glass, making them perfect for roofing purposes. polycarbonate roofing is resistant to heat, snow, rain, and sunlight, meaning that it can last several years and give a cost-efficient solution for both commercial and domestic properties.

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Polycarbonate vs. Glass vs. Aluminum composite

Polycarbonate, glass, and aluminum composite have established themselves as reliable glazing solutions. They each have their pro and cons, which are summarized here:

Polycarbonate Glass Aluminum Composite
Low maintenanceNeeds regular cleaningLightweight and weather resistance
Impact-resistant (20 times stronger than glass)FragileDurable and high quality
Defenseless to scratchesScratch-resistant 
Allows in up to 60 percent light100 percent transmissionVery low light transmission
Cheaper than glass and Aluminum compositeCostly then both options 

Advantages of polycarbonate roofing

  • Easy installation –polycarbonate roofing is simple to install. These are light in weight than usual roofs. So, the walls do not get big pressure. polycarbonate roofing panels can be lifted and moved simply during installation. Drilling and cutting panels are extremely easy. These are in form of large sheets, take much less time to get installed.
  • Tough and Durable –polycarbonate roofing is 20 times stronger than usual fiberglass sheets. These can simply withstand strong weather changes. polycarbonate roofing extremely impacts resistance and restore their condition for long period.
  • Cost-Efficient –it’s another factor, which makes polycarbonate roofing a popular option. These are less pricey and economical than conventional roofing. Their cost is much lower than other types. You can save additional expenses during the installation process. It allows light penetration in the daytime. So you do not have to turn on electric lights. It can save a considerable amount on your electric bills.
  • Fine insulation –polycarbonate roofing offers strong insulation. These keep the room and structure cool in summer, and warm in the cold season. This is a great advantage that makes such roofs further preferable. Normally, you’ve to get insulation materials additionally in other types. It can cost a huge amount of money. This is not the main case with polycarbonate roofing panels.
  • Aesthetically appealing – Because of the co-extruded Ultra Violet protective layer, the roof retains its charm for several years. Its clarity also remains ideal for a longer time. It can abruptly improve the elegance of your patio, deck, yard, greenhouse, lawn, or any other area in the home. It’s beautiful and eye-catching.
  • Wide variety –There’s a wide range of styles and colors. Corrugated is the most famous type. You can pick any style for your office or home. It’s computable with every sort of design and decor. You can have a self-supporting roof or timber-framed. It has bundled texture also, which provides a great effect.
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing – Most of the polycarbonate roofing is made with recycled materials. During the manufacturing procedure, no harmful chemicals are emitted to pollute the environment. It’s eco-friendly. Property owners should promote such things to keep the world green.
  • Light transmission – Transparency lets light pass via the roof. It doesn’t act as a barrier. The area stays as neat as the roofless open area. It’s perfect in your deck, barn, or patio. If you want to retain daylight with good protection against harsh winds and rain, select this type. It serves a double purpose simultaneously. It keeps the area bright in the daytime. Clear polycarbonate roofing panels allow more than 70 percent of light to enter through it. No other roof provides such huge advantages.
  • Simple maintenance – There’s no need to repair and maintain the polycarbonate roofing. It can be cleaned regularly with a cleaner or sponge. A simple dusting process is also enough. No technical equipment is needed for its maintenance.
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Which polycarbonate roofing is best for you?

There’re several types of polycarbonate roofing panels available to buy, including solid, multiwall, and corrugated sheets. These’re each manufactured with various uses in mind and offer their unique advantages. When used appropriately and fitted as per manufacturer’s instructions, they’ll provide fantastic reliability and strength.

Solid Polycarbonate

Made up of one layer, solid polycarbonate roofing sheets are lightweight and can nearly match the light transmission of glass – letting up 90 percent of light to pass through. This makes solid polycarbonate roofing a great choice for projects where light ingress is paramount. Available in multiple colors including black, bronze, opal, and clear, these sheets range from 2 to 12 mm in thickness. Though there’re several standard sizes to pick from, solid polycarbonate roofing is not available to cut to size.

Multiwall Polycarbonate

One of the most famous collections, polycarbonate roofing multiwall is perfect for conservatories and lean-tos. As its name suggests multiwall is manufactured up of several layers which when combined offer fine thermal and acoustic insulation. Ideal to make a comfortable and peaceful living space, Available in clear, opal, bronze colors and thickness from 4 to 35mm, these polycarbonate roofing sheets can be ordered cut to size or in several standard sizes.

Corrugated Polycarbonate

Perfect for projects with a tight budget, corrugated sheets provide many of the advantages of solid polycarbonate roofing at a lower cost. Thanks to their corrugated form factor, these will also provide amazing durability and resistance to impact. Unlike solid Polycarbonate and multiwall Polycarbonate, these are typically just available in clear. Due to their thinner profile of 0.8 to 1mm, we would recommend corrugated polycarbonate roofing only be used for small projects.

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