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Security Door Malaysia

Security of the smart lock system

Educate your children how to use the smart door lock system in safes way. Which is only immediate family members got the smart lock password. There is many type of smart lock system can detect the door status and it will ring up to notice the household if they forgot to close or the smart lock can automatically lock the door.

Organize your cable safely

The wires of household appliances should be placed at a place that could prevent leakage of electricity.  The power socket must be fixed and placed in a place where it is not often use. Home uses electronic products must be turned off after use. To prevent incident happen.

Understand the cable and infrastructure requires today but also future growth. You have determined the amount of cabling required. That not only installing cable for present needs, but also anticipated future growth that has been identified. Those who are not familiar with electrical appliances should not disassemble and repair them by themselves.


Immediate alerts to emergency contacts

Many alarm systems can be programmed to send your emergency contacts an alert as soon as a break-in is detected. It could either be through a text message or through a call. You can also set up your number as one of the emergency contacts. So you will be instantly alerted about a break-in even if you aren’t at home. This feature will also help you relax when you’re on vacation because you know your home is secured.

Invest in a fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are best for small kitchen fires. Buy one, then learn to use it.
If the fire’s rapidly spreading, Please get out from the house. Don’t try to put it out. But you can still grab the extinguisher if it’s nearby. You might be able to use it to create a quick path through the flames.

Tidy up the outside area of your house

Keep things like ladders and tools picked up away. Don’t let the chance to provide burglars with the tools of burglaries need to break into your home.

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